Sunday, March 05, 2006

Oscar 2006

1. Chocolat - Johnny Depp (Charlie & the Chocolate Factory)
2. Mary Jane's Last Dance - Tom Petty (Tim Burton's Corpse Bride)
3. Crash Into Me - Dave Matthews Band (Crash)
4. Out Of Line - The Bravery (Crash)
5. Tears & Rain - James Blunt (Crash -- not that there was even a scene with rain in it but after I saw this movie I was crying and it was raining outside and I started working on the CD 10 minutes after seeing the film)
6. Shadowboxer - Fiona Apple (Cinderella Man)
7. Secret Agent Man - Johnny Rivers (Munich)
8. Licence To Kill - Gladys Knight (Munich)
9. Walking To Do - Ted Leo & The Pharmacists (Walk The Line)
10. Walk The Line - Johnny Cash (Walk The Line)
11. Price Of Gasoline - Bloc Party (Syriana)
12. Where Have All The Cowboys Gone - Paula Cole (Brokeback Mtn)
13. I Wanna Be A Cowboy - Boy's Don't Cry (Brokeback Mtn)
14. Turning Japanese - The Vapors (Memoirs Of A Geisha)
15. Cry For Love - Iggy Pop (Memoirs Of A Geisha)
16. Spaceman - Artificial Joy Club (War Of the Worlds)
17. Take Me To Your Leader - Newsboys (War Of The Worlds)
18. End Of The World...... - REM (War Of The Worlds)
19. Turkish Delight - David Crowder Band (The Chronicles of Narnia; The Lion, The Witch & The Wardrobe)

Songs inspired by various Oscar 2006 nominees.


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